Cartoon Village Pack

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Cartoon Village from Cube x Cube
We proud to present awesome low poly asset pack "Cartoon Village from Cube x Cube".
Package contains 155 unique Prefabs. All section are modular. So you can piece them together in a variety of combinations. DEMO SCENE included!

Buildings (x14):
Barn, House (x5), Chicken Coop, Market Tent (x2), Millwind, Sawmill, Stable, Toilet, Well.

Grounds (x38):
Land (x4), Land Rise (x3), Land Road (x7), Ground Angle (x4), Ground Band (x8), Ground Impasse (x4), Ground Square (x4), Grounds Field (x4).

Trees (x66):
Tree (x6), Log (x5), Stump (x2).

Stones (x12):
Stone (x7), Mountain (x5).

Environments (x49):
Boat, Bonfire (x2), Bridge, Bush (x6), Cart (x6), Cattail (x2), Fence (x11), Flower (x4), Grass (x4), Haystack (x3), Post, Pier, Plowing (x4), Sign (x2), Sunflower.

Vegetable (x10):
Apple, Carrot, Cherry, Eggplant, Mushroom (x2), Pumpkin, Radish, Strawberry, Wheat.

Props (x19):
Barrel, Basket(x2), Bucket, Chest (x2), Coin, Crate (x3), Crystal, Key, Lock, Mail, Mailbox, Tool (x3), Watering Can.

Optimized for:
- Standard RP - Unity 2019.4+
- Universal RP - Unity 2019.4+

- 3 Texture (2048x2048px)
- Models are between 32 and 7468 verts.
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