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City Bundle from Cube x Cube
We proud to present awesome low poly asset pack "City Bundle from Cube x Cube". There are buildings, different vehicles, street signs, roads, streets and elements for them, and other modern city infrastructure objects. Package contains 28 unique Prefabs. DEMO SCENE included!

Buildings (x1):
Five-Story Building

Vehicles (x1):

Road types (x9):
Road, Grass, Home, Pedestrian, Sand (x2), Turn, Without Border

Road materials (x4):
Road Column, Road Barrier, Road Sign, Speed Bump.

Street elements (x12):
Bench, Bush, Grass, Playground (x3), Playground Fence (x2),Trash Can, Tree (x2), Rocks.

Small Billboard

Optimized for:
- Standard RP - Unity 2019.4+
- Universal RP - Unity 2019.4+

- 1 Texture (2048x2048px)
- Models are between 44 and 3707 verts.

Full asset:
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