Town Bundle Pack

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Town Bundle from Cube x Cube
We proud to present awesome low poly asset pack "Medieval Town from Cube x Cube". There are buildings, street signs, roads, mountains, hills, trees, streets and elements for them and other old medieval infrastructure objects.
Package contains 477 unique Prefabs. All section are modular. So you can piece them together in a variety of combinations. DEMO SCENE included!

Buildings (x73):
Barracks, Canopy, Gate (x2), Tower (x8), Ladder (x4), Wall (x8), House (x9), House_Extension (x6), House_Support, House_Tower (x4), Merchant_Tent (x4), Palace (x2), Well, Fountain (x2), House_Environment (x20).

Road types (x82):
Border (x9), Bridge (x7), Field (x8), Mountain (x21), Road (x33), Water Objects (x4).

Street elements (x82):
Fence (x10), Signboard (x17), Road Sign (x5), Lamp (x7), Chain (x2), Flag (x20), Torch (x3), Post (x5), Ladder (x4), Horse Wagon (x3), Garde_Wheelbarow, Country_Column (x2), Gallows_Fire (x2) , Spear.

Trees (x75):
Snag (x5), Tree (x32), Stump (x6), Flower (x5), Mushroom (x2), Water Lily (x2), Reeds (x2), Bushes (x3), Grass (x2), Wheat (x2), Grass_Barier (x3), Haystack (x2), Field_Plowed_Bush (x5), Log(x4).

Stones (x25):
Magic Stones (x2), Stones (x17), Magic Well, Statue (x3), Skull, Grave.

Furniture (x48):
Barrel (x3), Chair (x2), Jug (x4), Sack (x7), Table, Basket, Box (x3), Bucket (x4), Candle (x4), Crate (x4), Trough (x2), Plate, Cutting Board, Pedestal (x2), Magic Boiler, Palace_Bench (x4), Tent_Clothes (x2), Tent_Flags (x2).

Goods (x65):
Fish (x4), Flask (x5), Shoes (x7), Jar (x4), Veg (x8), Meat (x4), Bakery (x10), Bottle (x3), Cheese (x2), Egg, Pint (x2), Carpet (x10), Cloth (x5).

Port (x8):
Boat, Boat Paddle, Bollard, Mast, Pier (x2), Skewer.

Forge (x19):
Target (x5), Weapon (x6), Anvil, Weapon_Chest, Grindstone, Hooks, Rack, Stump, Wheel, Shelf.

Optimized for:
- Standard RP - Unity 2019.4+
- Universal RP - Unity 2019.4+

- 3 Texture (2048x2048px)
- Models are between 6 and 11962 verts.
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